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Camera systems – why should I have one?

Camera systems – why should I have one?

Some of the statements I’ve run into a lot with people who don’t have

camera systems, is “Why should I have one?” “My neighborhood is good,

and they’re expensive.” “I don’t want to pay monthly fees.”

These are all very good questions to ask yourself. Let’s take them one at a


“Why should I have one?”

A security camera system isn’t always about recording things like breaking-and-entering, burglary, or to

be on the defense of a known threat. They’re also good for keeping them at bay. Further, consider the

options of someone who is visiting, who injures themselves on your property. If that person decides to

“milk” the situation, and claim more injury than actually occurred, video footage doesn’t lie! Further,

consider an vehicle accident takes place outside your home, and damages your property; and then flees

the scene. With a system in place, you have evidence that not only it happened, but perhaps specifics

such as vehicle make, model, color and perhaps even where they came from! Package theft is

becoming a larger problem, particularly in upscale neighborhoods – by having a camera system in place,

you can not only deter these from happening, but even get evidence in case it does. There’s some

more cost-benefit listed below, as well.

“My neighborhood is good, and they’re expensive.”

Like stated above, cameras aren’t just for deterring robbery, breaking-and-entering, etc. Further, crime

still happens in upscale neighborhoods. Indeed, according to Forbes, “Nearly eight in 10 Americans have

had packages stolen from them in 2022.” If your package is from a large online retailer, they may

replace it for you – but if its from a family member, it may be irreplaceable. By having a system in place,

not only does this help deter would-be porch pirates, but in the event it occurs, you can get valuable

information that may assist in processing a claim on any kind of coverage the package may have; or even

on your homeowners insurance.

Another thing to consider is the direct cost-benefit. According to, homeowners

insurance companies offer discounts of up to 15% on premiums for having a camera system installed on

your home. Consider your premium amount(s), and the cost of the system. Within a couple of years,

the system may wind up paying for itself with the discount in homeowners insurance premiums just by

itself – which will only lead to saved money afterward. So, there is a direct cost-benefit here, that is a

long-term solution for you. We suggest discussing the matter with your homeowners insurance agent,

as the lowering of your premiums could translate into significant cost-savings over the long term.

One thing you’ll also take note of, is the cost of systems isn’t as high as is often thought. With SPY OPS’

commercial-grade hardware, a complete system that is ready to go, can be had for less than $500! This

leads us to our next point:

“I don’t want to pay monthly fees.”

This is a common concern when people are considering camera systems; particularly if they have

experimented with them in the past. Often, “big-box” retailers offer a consumer-grade product for a

very inexpensive up-front cost (Sam calls these “the bubble-pack camera systems”) that are often low in

quality, and can easily be tampered with. Moreover, these systems often require monthly maintenance

or subscription fees that, very often, add up to more in a year than you spent buying the system!

With SPY OPS’ camera systems, that’s a fear you don’t have. There are *NO* monthly fees with our

camera systems – and, you get the benefit of being able to view and access your system remotely, with

more control and privacy than a “big-box” retailer system offers. Consider the recent lawsuit the

Federal Trade Commissioned brought against Amazon – and the allegations that Amazon’s employees

and contractors had “unfettered” access to the camera systems of their clients. According to CBS, “In

one case, a Ring employee "viewed thousands of video recordings belonging to at least 81 unique

female users," according to the lawsuit filed Wednesday by the Federal Trade Commission. That same

worker searched for cameras located in "intimate" spaces, such as "Master Bedroom," and spied for

months, the FTC claims.” Further, the Federal Trade Commission claimed that the issue “led to hackers

gaining access to Ring customer’s cameras, with some of them using the device’s two-way

communication feature to ‘harass, threaten and insult the individuals.”

With a complete security system that you own yourself, maintain the hardware for, and have the ability

grant or revoke access to others at your will, this problem alone is eliminated. By having a system that a

“big-box” company does not have access to remotely, problems like this don’t exist. SPY OPS’ camera

systems are owned by you, are in your possession, and cost nothing monthly to use.

SPY OPS’ systems offer premium, commercial-grade hardware for a very affordable price, and we use to

secure our own business, homes and property. Moreover, the direct cost-benefit on homeowners

insurance has the system paying for itself – and continuing to offer you savings over the long-term after!

If you have any questions, give us a call at 248-569-6831, or stop into the shop to see the system

working for yourself! We have a demonstration model set up that is identical to what you would have,

so you can see and experience it even before purchasing.