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Protect your conversations against all kinds of eavesdropping! Top-of-the-line protection system. Create powerful audio interference against multiple listening devices. Copared to a white-noise generator the DRUID provides an even higher level of protection against eavesdropping. The generated audio interference cannot be cleared by any noise clearance methods; therefore; neither a listening device nor recorder is able to pick up conversations. The included headset allows users to hear each other with crystal clear quality. The multi-voltage unit is upplied in a sturdy carrying case and features an internal rechargeable battery that will last 2-4 hours.Not all listening devices can be detected by existing methods. The DRUID NG5000 is a unique system for providing protection of human’s speech.Most of these devices cannot be detected by conventional methods; Remote controlled radio microphones; wired microphones; passive resonators; miniature voice recorders. Even a modern cellular phone may contain a digital voice recorder; this means that any phone lying on the desktop could be used by an adversary to record a conversation. Therefore it is extremely important to have a reliable device protecting private conversations. The concept of the DRUID is based on generating audio interference produced simultaneously with human’s speech. The volume of this interference is higher than a person’s voice; neither listening device nor recorders are able to pick it up.FeaturesProfessional system for protecting speech between up to 6 personsProtects against all known methods of listening; including all types of radio microphones; stethoscopes; voice recorders; passive resonators; wired microphones; etc.The system uses usual multimedia headsets. 4 headsets PLANTRONICS AUDIO 355 included in the standard setAbsolutely harmless to your health: no microwave reflections or ultrahigh sound noiseCompared to a white-noise generator the DRUID provides a much higher level of protection.The system is portable: supplied in a plastic carry-case it can be easily prepared for use.Powered from an internal rechargeable battery the DRUID D-06 can work for up to 4 hours without mains supplyThe system can be used in any situation; it is especially valuable when conducting highly important negotiations in an unknown environmentSpecs Dimensions 23 x 6.5 x17 cm Power source AC 220V Rechargeable battery Type of noise Distortion plus Reverberation


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