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CovertTrack MicroTracker 5 Small GSM and GPRS GPS Tracker Real Time GPS Tracking Device All new for 2018; we introduce the the MicroTracker 5 – the ultra-sophisticated upgrade to an old favorite. In addition to its smaller size and sleek black design; MicroTracker 5 delivers far superior accuracy than other devices in its class due to the updated higher senstivity GPS module and antenna.Real Time Vehicle and Asset Tracking Although the original MicroTracker was designed for fleet tracking applications; its evolution has brought about a comparable demand in the consumer market.With the extremely intuitive and user-friendly interface of the web-based tracking application; you can easily log in and see the exact location of the tracker; to include historical data that is archived indefinitely back to the day you created your account. You can log in to your tracking account from any Internet-connected computer or smart phone from anywhere in the world. There is absolutely no third party software to install.Long Battery Life Track up to 2 weeks on a single charge; dependent upon usage and your tracking plan. Since MicroTracker 5 goes into standby mode when not in motion; the battery is minimally depleted in this mode.Smaller Design and Sleek Black Finish In addition to being 15% smaller than its predecessor; the MicroTracker 5 has a sleek black finish providing endless possibilities for concealment. MicroTracker 5 may just be the world’s smallest live GPS tracking device!Online Tracking is available by purchasing a device specific Airtime Service Plan; and requires a 3 month prepayment fee; with monthly recurring fees thereafter.For a demo of this product follow these direction. www.coverttrack.comLogin: spyopstech@gmail.comPassword: Spyops26606Spy Ops does not support the illicit use of GPS tracking devices. This product is offered for the express purpose of securing personal or company property; and ensuring the safety of individuals with their consent.


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